Friday, November 30, 2007


Stephanie tagged me...but I'm including Dustin in the game!

Jobs we have had:
D: APX (for life!)
L: Photographer
D: Pizza delivery guy
L: Flower shop
Both: Abercrombie & Fitch (thats where we met)

We'd like to be:
World travelers
D: A Pro football player
L: Wedding dress designer

Movies on Repeat:
D: Gladiator
L: Pride & Prejudice
D: 300, Lord of the rings...anything that has to do with foot-ball
L: Tristan & Isolde (what can i say i'm a hopeless romantic)

A few things we like to do:
D: Play X-BOX, shoot guns, dirt bike
L: Scrapbook, shop, paint

Favorite food:
D: Steak and Potatoes
L: any thing Italian
We both love Indian food, mexican food, we pretty much like all types of food!

Food we don't like:
D: loves pinneaple but we think he's allergic
L: anything that at one time had a face!

Words we don't like:
L: MOIST, Congratulations
D: Poop! Poopy!

Seven little known facts about us as a couple:

1. Dustin can function on little sleep...I however, need a ton!

2. Dustin eats lots of meat...i don't eat meat very often!

3. Dustin sleeps with his head on his arm...his arm in the air like he is raising his hand in school...I sleep with no pillow at all and usually on my stomach or in a ball!

4. Dustin played foot-ball in high school and was so good he recieved a scholarship to play but went on a mission instead...I was a cheerleader in high school...and really know nothing about the game at all!

5. Dustin tried to propose while we were both in Idaho for his sister's weddng...but the ring never game in the he flew me to Virginia (where he was living for the summer) to porpose! Virginia is for Lovers!

6. Dustin and I have moved over 11 times in our 5 year marriage (thanks APX)!

7. Dustin and I jumped out of a plane together!


Eric & Natalie said...

I hate the word moist too! It just sound gross. Also we need to watch pride and prejudice again...LOVE THAT MOVIE!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is cool you jumped out a plane. Loved getting to know ya better...

Robertson Clan said...

welcome to it!