Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A California Thanksgiving

This is my cousin Melissa...she has been my closest cousin growing up...we always had so much fun and we still do whenever we get together! Below is my aunt Margaret, Melissa and my mom.

Dustin and I went to California for Thanksgiving and for my cousin Hillary's wedding. It was great to see most of my Larsen cousins, parents, and grandparents! We ate a ton of amazing food, took lots of pictures, and even took a spin on the dance floor!


Jason & Amy said...

so excited you FINALLY joined the blog bandwagon! Looks like a fun thanksgiving. make sure and add us to your friends list.

Eric & Natalie said...

Looks like the wedding went well. Hopefully the pictures turn out great!

Bowdy and Stephanie said...

Glad you are a blogger now! Just want ya to know my mom loves your pictures of me and Brinley better than any others taken! You have been a fun friend to get to know! Love ya Lets hang soon