Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost four months!

Zander Jack is almost 4 months! I can't believe it has gone by so fast. He is the perfect addition to our family...we love him so much. Baby Zan has such a sweet personality already. Here are some of the great things about him!

  • Zander loves to take a bath but hates to get in and out. You can even dump water on his head he just hangs out.
  • He is either a great sleeper or a horrible one...just depends on the night.
  • He loves to smile and has the cutest little smirk I have ever seen.
  • He loves to kick his legs to move his bouncer or activate his play mat. When he sees his light start up he gets the biggest smile on his face.
  • Zander isn't sure what he thinks of his bumbo.
  • Zander gets looks and comments on his hair wherever we go. He loves getting his hair played with.
  • Zander holds his hands like he is praying...and is starting to grab and examine things he gets ahold of.
  • Zander hates to stand (even though his legs are strong from kicking) he refuses to stand on them...he buckles all the time.
  • Baby Zan (being a Snelgrove) has had ice cream!
  • He still hasn't soaked me!
  • He slobbers with the best of them!
  • Nick names include but aren't limited to: Zander Jack, Baby Zan, Zan man, Stinker, Baby boy, baby bro, Bubba (my mom's fav ;) and Mr. Blister.
  • Loves his bottle hot!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What we've been up to

I hope we are like everyone else....SICK OF WINTER! I'm starting to feel a little bit more settled from Christmas but now I find myself into new projects. Dustin has been sick the last few days and I am praying that the boys and I don't get it. I am missing my neighborhood friends...wish I could see some of them tonight but dad is too sick. So here is a hello from the boys in stripes (Cohen's shirts are mostly stripes poor guy). I hope all of you are staying warm!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today I went to my first Broncos game! I have lived in Denver on and off my whole life...but never attended a game. Dustin has always loved the Broncos so we were excited with Natalie and Eric invited us to a Chargers (Nat and Eric's team) vs. Broncos game for his birthday. It was a close game.
Thanks mom and Jess for watching our kiddos during the game!

New Years Sleep over

This was Cohen's first sleep over with the Colorado cousins...he had a blast! My amazing parents watched all but one (baby Gavin) while the parents parted late (12:20) into the new year...thanks to the awesome hosting skills of my brother and sister in law!

Christmas Day 2010!

We had such a great Christmas this year in Colorado. Unfortunately, it will will be our last for a while. I am glad we made the trip for Zander's first Christmas...we had a memorable trip! (we have a family tradition to take a picture before we turn the corner and see what Santa brought us...the stairs are getting crowded!