Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't had a chance to edit these....but Happy Valentine's Day!We woke up this morning in a mad rush to get to preschool...but we had time to open our valentine's. Dustin and I took Zander Magelby's for breakfast. After breakfast Zander and I went to Dad's work to embarrass him with a bouquet of balloons one for each year we've been together with a memory on each. We also had a box of yellow hearts...some of his favorites. It didn't go as planned but he like them. Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

21 questions (from pinterest)

I saw this activity to do with Cohen on Pinterest the other day so I thought I would try it.

What is something Mommy always says to you?

Cohen: Stop it!

What makes mommy happy?

Cohen: When I listen to you.

What makes mommy sad?

Cohen: When I don’t listen

How does mommy make you laugh?

Cohen: Laughing to daddy

What was mommy like as a child?

Cohen: when you were a little kid you went to nursery and primary in my class and I will pick you up when you sing louder and quieter.

How old is mommy?

Older than me.

How tall is mommy?

Cohen: 3

What does mommy do when you’re not around?

Cohen: Then you don’t need help

What is mommy really good at?

Cohen: teaching

What is mommy not very good at?

Cohen: Doing teacher things.

What does mommy do for her job?

Cohen: You put stuff away.

What is mommy’s favorite food?

Cohen: oranges

What makes you proud of mommy?

Cohen: Christmas

Where is mommy’s favorite place to go?

Cohen: Café Rio

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keeping Christmas short...

I was so excited for Christmas this year I kind of got burned out tooooo early. We had such a great Christmas it was our first really home bound. I loved it! CHRISTMAS EVE could have gone a little bit better! We rushed home from Christmas eve dinner and quickly put Zander done for bed. Shortly after he went down he started screaming...we let him cry. After a while we decided we better check on him...he had spilled the entire bottle on his head and chest. Dustin took off his bran new pi's and put him in the bath. He PooPed in the tub for the first time. I was making cookies for santa with Co and it was way past bed time. I felt like we were never going to sleep. We were spoiled once again for Christmas. Christmas is so much fun with kids.

Temple square lights

It has been years since Dustin and I went up to see the lights. The biggest change since the last time was...the addition of two boys to our family. It was freezing cold that night. I was miserable. We walked around as fast as we could and then booked it for the trainWe had to wait forever for the train home. Next time I am going on a weekday right as they turn on the lights...and I'm not taking trax (sp?)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

29 things update...

Just after my 29th birthday, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turn the big 3 OH! I think I was a little ambitious...but I have crossed a few things off.

2. try a new type of fish (seared tuna)
9. find an exercise that I enjoy (zumba...good laughs)
12. read a classic (Jayne Eyre)
13. 29 new recipes (almost done)
14. write down 29 things I like about myself
15. be more spiritual (does attending relief count?)
16. try something new with my hair ( I had hair extensions for 4 months)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our 9th Anniversary...

We just celebrated nine years together. We went up to Park City for the night. My sister in law, Natalie, watched the boys for us. We had a blast. We had a "steak dinner for two," went to a movie, got a killer dessert, went shopping, and my favorite...we slept in! Thanks babe for the last nine years together!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

14 months tomorrow!

Zander is 14 months tomorrow! Here are some pictures of him with his favorite blanket. Zander took a binky for the first 6 months or so then stopped he now snuggles this blanket. He is now walking more than crawling. He is getting more confident in turning and pausing. He walks with his blanket in-between his legs so he doesn't is super cute. He also bites his blanket, smells it and does quick face plants from a sitting position to the floor to snuggle it. He is having a hard time eating big kid food. He still loves his yogurt and baby food. I have been successful in feeding him a PB&J twice this week. He also loves cheese. He likes to drink from a zippy cup but prefers to watch it drain onto the counter and floor (mom doesn't think it's so cool.) Zander is transitioning from two naps to one. Some days I miss the two naps other times I don't. Zander has 10 teeth (including two molars) I think this is helping in the food department. Zander loves to snuggle and sit on laps. He loves to follow us. He can go up stairs but not down. He loves baths and splashes like a mad man. He can say ut-ohh, mom, dad, and tries to say hot. We love him more and more each day.