Friday, September 2, 2011

11 months today!

We tried to recreate some pictures we have of you can see it didn't really work. Lighting was very different. These boys are different.


  • Cohen loved big people food...Zander is fine sticking to the soft stuff.
  • Cohen hated to cuddle as a baby...Zander will snuggle every once in a while.
  • Cohen army crawled as soon as he could....Zander just started a few weeks ago.
  • Cohen was always moving...Zander is more content to relax.
  • Cohen had a two small strips of hair until about 5 months...Zander has had 4 trims since birth.
  • Cohen is more outgoing....Zander is more shy.
  • Cohen hates to be messy...Zander screams when you wipe his face.


They both love to sleep on their tummies.
Both smile at everyone...and rarely cry over nothing.
Both have their dad's jaw and build

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