Thursday, July 7, 2011

29 things to do before I'm 30...updated


I just celebrated another birthday...the last of my twenties. I have to be honest I'm a little shocked that my twenties are almost over. I have done some great things in the last 9 years but I feel like there is more I want to accomplish so I'm making a list of 29 things to do before I turn the big 30. I don't have my list completed so please send me ideas if you have any.

p.s. I took care of number 2 last night at Ruth's was seared raw tuna. NASTY!

1. Go on three dates in one day (one with Zander, Cohen, and Dustin)
2. Try a new type of fish
3. go on a hot air balloon ride
4. take a ballroom dance class
5. run a 5k
6. raft the Colorado River
7. hike Timpanogas
8. take a cooking class
9. find an exercise that I enjoy
10. learn a new craft
11. learn to do the splits (dustin voted for this one...i think he thinks i cant do it)
12. read a classic book...I think it will be Pride and Prejudice I love the movie!
13. try 29 new recipes!
14. write down 29 things I like about myself
15. be more spiritual.
16. Try something new with my hair that I have never tried!

as you can see I need some ideas...please send any you have my way.


Carrie Dave and the King said...

Hey I thought u were a vegetarian??? Not anymore???.. I've been meaning to do thieve inspired me

Ryan and Martha Cox said...

recommend jazzercise-not as dorky as it sounds, fun dancing and burns 400-600 cals in one hr!
learn a new craft.
sell a painting? i'd be in line for that!
learn to do the splits again(i'm determined to be flexible again)
make a balloon animal
read a classic book
start a club
do a home improvement project by yourself
hmm...that's all my ideas

Laura & Her Mom said...

Cook so many new recipes!
Read so many books!
Exhibit some art in a local bakery!
Write letters!

Sarah said...

Write down 29 things that you love about yourself!!! Get self esteem booster!!

Mindika said...

Skydiving was on my list, and I did it, and it was awesome!!

jacksonhaleywarrenandhaus said...

I took a cooking class a few years ago at Thanksgiving point and loved it it was way fun. I love this idea!

Chellese said...

Estela and I are planning on hiking Timp in the next couple of weeks. We welcome any other crazies.

Gabby said...

I just sent you an email that will help you with #4 :) if you haven't done it yet.