Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Years resolution....

I just went on my friend Mindi's blog and was reminded of a New Years resolution I made. I only made two and one was documenting my boy's lives better. I haven't been doing so now that it's out there...I'm going to try a little bit harder!

Here are some cute things Cohen has done lately:

  • The other morning we were down having breakfast together but Dustin was still upstairs getting ready. Cohen yells up to Dustin...

Dad come sit down! 1........2.......3! (I guess we count a lot!)

  • Cohen was having a hard time sleeping one night...I went in and laid down with him. After a while he fell asleep and was tossing and turning so I slowly started to get out of his bed when he woke up. I asked him if he wanted me to go to my bed so he would have more room...he reached up and touched my cheek and said...No mommy stay. So sweet.
  • A few weeks ago my dad came into town. I decided to ask Cohen a few questions to show my dad how smart he was getting: Cohen what is your full name?
COHEN DADDY DOSE (instead of cohen dustin vohs) he was close he knew his middle name was his dad's name.

  • Today I was following Dustin in our Higlander...Cohen looked up and asked Dustin where mommy was. He replied that I was right behind them in our car. He paused and said...RACE DAD?
  • I loved hearing Cohen say the word Helicopter....he said HELICOP. Then all of the sudden he started saying the full word...they grow so fast.

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Natalie said...

Cohen you're hilarious!