Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cooking Confessions!

Most of you know I hate to cook! Hate it with a passion...but love to eat! I love to eat out, experience new flavors, and take an occasional meaty dare! Everything tastes better when you don't cook it and don't clean up after it.
Dustin informed me that maybe Cohen wasn't into chicken lately because that's all I cook. I informed him that there is ham, hot dogs, turkey, bologna, corn dog, pepperoni, and hamburger meat in the fridge (at the moment).
Lately I just turn to my two friends Carrian and Mindi...they have amazing food blogs! Thanks to them my boys are having a little bit more variety! Thanks guys for your food inspirations!


{lindy baker cakes} said...

I wish I could make all of their wonderful meals. Once I'm done nursing and Blake can actually eat I'll be back to cooking and baking. It makes me sad because everything looks so so good.

Carrian said...

I am with Lindy. I wish I could cook and eat right now. I tried to watch food network last night, not telling you how that ended up.