Thursday, November 19, 2009

San Diego!

We just got back from an amazing weekend in San Diego!
The trip started off fun when our brother in law, Eric, convinced us that we should all rent yellow Corvettes! With five couples driving yellow Corvettes we definitely turned some heads! We played football on the beach and ate at a trendy restaurant by the beach on Friday night.
On Saturday we had breakfast at our hotel called the "W" then headed for a day of animals at the San Diego Zoo! After the zoo we went to one of my favorites the Cheesecake Factory...but we weren't alone...Donovan McNabb (quarter back for the Eagles) was dinning not to far away from our table. Then we shopped at the mall right next door.
Sunday we went to the San Diego Chargers vs. The Philly Eagles game! Although we are no San Diego fans we did cheer for them...just this once! They won! We found out later that LT's wife (LT is a Chargers running back) placed a positive pregnancy test in his locker just before the game. He is now number three for touch downs just after Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith. For dinner we went to Old Town San Diego to eat yummy Mexican food. After dinner we were treated to Golden Spoon for dessert! Then we went and saw the Temple all lit up.
Monday we slept in and walked to breakfast near our was very good. Dustin and I went and toured the USS Midway, an air craft carrier in the harbor. With a few hours left we did a little bit more shopping near the Belmont pier.
A special thanks to all who helped plan for this trip! I also wanted to thank my parents who flew out from Denver to watch our little guy for us! It was our first trip away from him...and it was hard...but we enjoyed ourselves.


ccfrosty said...

The giraffe's eyelashes are far too pretty. Ah, so glad you guys had so much fun. Yay!

Carrian said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Especially all of that eating...*sniff*

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. I'm glad that you were able to have a nice getaway!

Trevor and Shannon said...

Sounds like such a blast!! That is awesome your parents could help you two have a vacation by yourselves. I have stayed at the "W" hotel before, very nice!

April said...

That sounds exactly like all of our trips to San Diego, minus the football game and the yellow corvettes:) Every thing else is identical to what we do everytime we go there!!! We love the Mexican restaurant in Old Town:)
Glad you were able to get away!!!

Brad and Michelle Peterson said...

How fun! I bet you turned lots of heads driving around in all those corvettes! Glad you had a good time.