Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Father's Look Back

I can't believe one year has already passed by. It seems as though Cohen has been with us longer and then I remember he's still our little baby boy. I love his vibrant and cheerful personality! He makes me smile every time I see his little grin and dimples. A characteristic I love about him is his determination. He finds something he wants to have or do and literally doesn't give up until he gets it. No matter how much I try to get in his way, he will climb up and over me to get to where he wants to go. He seems like such a big kid too. His hands and feet are enormous! He even has a little pot belly too!

He has never really liked or eaten baby food. As a matter of fact, he will just eat off of our plates. He'll eat just about anything that we eat which makes mealtime pretty easy. Bedtime is a breeze with Cohen.

I do bedtime every night. It goes like this: bath time at 7pm, play time at 7:20pm, story time at about 7:50pm, bottle of milk at 7:55pm, quiet time (where he cools down by sitting on my lap in the dark) at 8pm, in bed by 8:02pm. And then we don't hear from him until 8am the next morning. He's been doing this for 6 months now and it is wonderful. He probably sleeps so well because he runs, literally runs around the house all day long. He's a great walker for 1 year old but it seems as though he went from crawling to running and skipped the walking process.

His one year birthday was on Sunday, September 13th and we had some family and friends over for dinner and cupcakes. We had him try to blow out a candle but I ended up making the wish for him. He already had a big birthday party which was combined with his cousin Maddix so we kept this one small. We saved a few gifts that he didn't open at his party so he could have them on his birthday. He has so many toys now that I am not sure where we will store them a year from now.

It has been such a joy to watch his personality develop and become the little boy he is today. I am excited for the next year and the new experiences Cohen will bring to our home. I love being his dad and I love that he is my son.


Carrian said...

Good post!! This will be wonderful for him to see and read in the future. Maybe I could get Cade to do a post!

Trevor and Shannon said...

What gorgeous pictures you took of Cohen! I LOVE the picture of him with his birthday cake, that is classic! Crazy how fast time goes, I can't believe that Imogen is almost 2 already, I feel like I just celebrated her first birthday.

Melissa said...

Those pix of Cohen are SO cute! Happy Birthday!

Bradon and Nicole said...

Honestly made me cry. Not until I read I love being his dad. It is so wonderful to see your family growing and what a great little boy he is. We all wished and prayed for this little man to come into our lives and at the most unexpected time our prayers were answered. Who knew? Only one, well maybe 2!! Thank you for giving us this sweet little man. Miss you all so much! XOXO

Iliana said...

He is one cute kid! And his personality always seems so chill and go with the flow... i love it.

Bradon and Nicole said...

K so I just read this again to Brady and totally started crying again. What a mushy mom I've turned into. Love ya!