Friday, May 22, 2009

on my mind...

Things I wish I was better at:
  • opening things (I know that sounds weird but I always destroy things like cereal boxes)
  • remembering important dates (in school I always had to come up with songs or clever ways to remember the dates of things)
  • grammar and punctuation (I'd rather draw you a picture)

I wish I liked:

  • football
  • cooking
  • working out specifically running! (it would be so freeing and runners always have the best bodies)

I wish I had more time for:

  • trying new things
  • painting
  • photo shoots that I want to do

Things on my mind:

  • why does Great Harvest bread taste so good as toast and grilled cheese but not other types of sandwiches? (was that a run on sentence? you see what I mean!)
  • what are the things on the bottom of shoe laces called?
  • why do women have to re-invent themselves when they become moms and dads don't?
  • If I was on MTV's "MADE" in high school I would have done...I want to be a fashion designer! (I love to design wedding dresses in my head, I used to have sketch books full of them.)


Natalie said...

I too wish I loved to run...I hate it! But I am going to start, mainly so I can use my jogger!

Iliana said...

I want to be a runner too but it aint happenin. you're so right about great harvest breat too! And ya. I never thought about how men are still the same after a kid and we have to change and "re-invent" ourselves, and now I'm kinda bugged that guys have it so easy. And lets take an oil painting class. Serious. And lets sleep through the night with no baby interuption too tonight. Sounds good.

Leah said...

I here ya, why do WE have to reinvent ourselves... kinda makes one resentful doesn't it!!

Chellese said...

The things at the bottoms of shoe laces are called aglets. I looked it up (Wikipedia). Yea, I'm weird that way.