Monday, April 13, 2009

7 Months!

Cohen Dustin Vohs
September 13, 2008
Our sweet baby boy is now 7 months old. I wish time could stand still just for a moment! He is such a fun age right now. Cohen is developing a personality these days. He is starting to feed himself puffs, roll around the house, look for me, turn the pages to his books, and grab for the water when he takes a bath (he thinks it's solid).
Cohen went with Maddix to the pool and loved it so much we took Aunt Jess back a week later. Cohen had his first Easter yesterday and loved his new book! Cohen went to his first wedding this weekend and loved dancing with mom. Cohen caught some rays for the first time with baby Reese (his buddy since birth). We went for a walk with Aunt Nat, Maddix, and Nanna! He is starting to get the hang of his sippy cup. He has tried almost all kinds of baby food and is not picky like his mom. Had his first double ear infection and I hope its the last! Cohen still hates to get dressed and get his face wiped clean! Hates to cuddle. Loves bath time! He is no longer allowed in his bumbo because he has learned how to get out! Cohen is such a sweet baby and I love being his mom.


Natalie said...

What a cutie! 7! Can't wait to spend the summer having our little boys play together!

The Bucks said...

I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by and that picture is soo cute!!!

Weston and Karen said...

Cohen is so cute. Those pictures are so much fun to have!!!

Carrian said...

Love Cohen!! Peyton is so excited to see you guys again, as are we!