Friday, February 13, 2009

5 months!

Our little guy is 5 months today! Cohen is such an amazing little boy! He has made us so happy.

Cohen likes:
  • playing in his bouncer
  • reaching for dad's man beard
  • playing with his feet (he just found them the other day)
  • spitting out his rice cereal! He thinks it's funny!
  • rolling half way from his back to his side
  • trying to escape his bundle...we started tying a scarf around his arms to secure it!
  • chewing on anything

Cohen hates:

  • getting dressed
  • his car seat...we don't get out much!
  • being on his tummy for too long


Robertsons said...

cam did the rice thing too...u hate to laugh but it is so cute!

Trevor and Shannon said...

He is getting so BIG! Amazing how time flies by doesn't it? I have heard of a few projects like your photographer friend. I think I might try it out too:)

p.s. incase my message was confusing. The website is called the candy is called "elegant sweets" and the flavor of the lolli I had is "wild cherry old-fashioned hand pulled candy"
hope this helps.

rachandjord said...

OH MY GOSH, cuuute!

Natalie said...

What a big boy! He will like the rice cereal eventually! Just imagine how big he will get when he starts eating that too!