Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dyhlan Natalie Howell! Pictures to follow!

Nicole and Brady welcomed their newest addition Saturday 8/9/2008! A few hours past 8/8/ close!

Dustin and I drove up to Idaho to be there to help in anyway we could and see the new baby...little did we know Nicole would invite us to be in the room! (Dustin was in the room but behind a curtain!) I had the chance to watch! It was such an honor to be in the room while this sweet little girl made her entrance! The most incredible thing I have ever seen!

After about 1 and half pushes she was here! I know I will not be that lucky! She is my hero! One of the sweetest moments was when Nicole was asked her full name...instead of saying Dyhlan Emory Howell (the name we were expecting) she said Dyhlan Natalie Howell. She is named after Nicole's twin sister Natalie who was in the room...let's just say there wasn't a dry eye in the place!

Dyhlan is a sweet little baby who I have yet to hear cry! She is loved by her family and everyone who meets her! She is a much needed addition to our family and we can't wait for her two boy cousin's to be here and play with her! I'm sure they will be close!

I took pictures and left them with the card so they could post them first! As soon as I have the card back I will post a few!


Cade and Carrian said...

Hoooray! This means that you are one step closer!!

Mandi said...

So cool. It is such an amazing experience....glad it didn't put you into panic mode for your own! Your time is soon enough!