Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everyone is Invited!

I've been so lame...I have invites and haven't mailed them...and his party is days away! PLEASE COME TO DUSTIN'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! The party is Saturday the 23rd at 6:30...we are meeting at our house for a light dinner...then onto Salt Lake to ride the indoor Go-Karts! Hope to see you there call if you need directions!


Meridith said...

That sounds like soooo much fun! I saw the billboard today and I must say I am impressed......way to go!!!

Bowdy and Stephanie said...

Okay girl I am so sorry we missed out on that! We just got back from the cruise and Bo is still in California. And I have a little bit of a fussy baby! So we would have come for sure! But we need to hang out soon so I will be calling you!