Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Will do dare! for free food!

Its hard to see whats going on let me explain! a few weeks ago we went to dinner for my brother in law's 21st birthday (thats him holding the light towards me)! We ate at the Market Street Grill where he works...98% sea food! For those of you that don't know I haven't had red meat or sea food in over 13 years! My other brother in law said he would pay for my meal if I ate an oaster of his choice...not one to back down from a dare and an expensive free meal I did it! What made it even better was to see that same brother in law try to eat one...he spit it out!


Eric & Natalie said...

Loved it!!! Eric is such a wuss! Great job Lisa!

Robertson Clan said...

FYI your link is wrong to your photography blog